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Eagles looking at big wide receivers

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A little pattern has emerged in some of these reports about private workouts the Eagles have scheduled. They seem to be looking at a lot of WRs, namely ones with size. So far they've met or will meet with Morgan State wide receiver Edward (E.J.) Morton-Green who's 6'4. 6'2 Kansas WR Dezmon Briscoe & 6'3 UConn WR Marcus Easley.

The Eagles have a dynamic young WR corps already. The top 3 Jackson, Maclin, & Avant seem set... but not one is over 6 feet tall. Even this kid Chad Hall they picked up a few weeks ago is only 5'8. If we may now have a QB capable of throwing the fade, maybe we could get a WR capable of catching one?

6'4 Hank Baskett is back on the roster, but we've seen that show(it's on E!) and we know what he can do. So is WR a need? If so, how high should they be thinking about taking one?

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