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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #23 - The Green Bay Packers

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With the 23rd pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, JCC selects...

Charles Brown - OT, USC

Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers have several glaring needs staring them in the face at pick #23. In priority order, they are:

  1. Edge-rusher

  2. Cornerback

  3. Offensive Tackle

In 2009, Dom Capers revamped the defense and introduced a 3-4 defensive philosophy that looks to be paying off. Although the change in philosophy was progressive for the team as a whole, long-time Packer Aaron Kampman found himself in an uncomfortable position at OLB, a role that isn’t as tailored to Kampman’s strong-suits as defensive end. The moral of the story? Kampman plays in Jacksonville now and Green Bay has a colossal void at their 3-4 OLB position.

The most ideal fit for the Packers would be Texas LB Sergio Kindle, who would easily slide into a starting role at 3-4 OLB. Draft expert Mike Mayock believes that Sergio Kindle may actually be better than Brian Orakpo, who made the Pro Bowl last year by a nice margin. Unfortunately, Kindle already came off the board at pick #12, so Thompson and the Packers are forced to pivot, and look at other positions. No other draft prospect fits the 3-4 OLB bill as nicely as Kindle.

Let us move on to their 2nd highest priority need – cornerback… Charles Woodson is 33 years old. Despite still being very productive, the Packers must start thinking about grooming his replacement. My favorite player here is Boise State CB, Kyle Wilson – strong, aggressive, plays bump-and-run coverage well – an all-around tough, gritty defensive player with superb awareness. Wilson was selected at pick #19, so who remains worthy of the #23 pick from a value perspective? I like Rutgers CB Devin McCourty and Florida State CB Patrick Robinson at this spot, as well, but if I were Ted Thompson, I wouldn’t be feeling the "warm and fuzzies" (is this expression allowed in football?) about either guy.

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The Packers would be wise to target a player who can make an immediate impact. If they can’t get their edge-rusher or cornerback, they have to aggressively pursue their 3rd highest priority need. One position that doesn’t seem to suffer such significant transitional growing pains from college to the NFL is Offensive Tackle. The battle starts at the line of scrimmage and without a solid foundation up front, a trickle-down effect can occur which takes its toll on the entire offense. So, without further ado, the Green Bay Packers select… USC Tackle Charles Brown.

At 6’5", 290 pounds, Brown has good size, but can afford to add some weight to his tall frame. He has long arms and gets set very quickly. He is definitely an athletic lineman, but he is not as physical as Russell Okung or Trent Williams. The Packers re-signed Chad Clifton, but in such a deep draft, the time is now to secure his eventual replacement. Most importantly, Brown is an excellent pass blocker and Mike McCarthy loves throwing the ball. If you had Aaron Rodgers, who wouldn’t? Charles Brown it is.

If you don’t like the pick, well, it’s a good thing I’m not Ted Thompson. Also, I’m issuing a challenge to Joe_D to not select Sean Weatherspoon for the Eagles. That’s the pretty pick and with Kyle Wilson gone and not too many O-linemen left, the Eagles selection might be interesting. Plus, the Eagles don’t usually value LB in the first round.

Next on the clock will be Joe_D with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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