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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #22 - The New England Patriots

With the 22nd pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, The Charles selects...

Tim Tebow - QB, Florida

Bill Belichick is usually very tight lipped and holds his cards close to the vest when looking for players to add in a draft. I had an especially hard choice with this one because there were two players that stuck out in my head. Jared Odrick would be have been an excellent choice because they need some extra defensive help especially with the departure of Richard Seymour and need some more pass rush help. However, ultimately I decided against defense because they still have some great players and think that they will fix this position later on. So once this choice went out the window, there was just one choice that stood out and that is Tim Tebow.

Many people will question why Bill would even pick Tebow to go to Patriots when he has one of the best quarterbacks in the league. As an unabashed fan of Tebow and will root for him wherever he goes I see this decision as a shrewd one. No matter how I feel about Tebow I realize that he is probably a while from actually being able to be a franchise quarterback. So then why would the Patriots use their first pick on a "project" guy. Even though he may not start at qb right away there are plenty of other ways his talents can be used. I could see him being used as a big blocking tight end. When they need a boost in the run game they can give the ball to Tebow and he can push and shove his way to the first down yardage. When Bill wants to bust out the Wildcat than he can start working Tebow along and use him in this way. Then once Tom Brady is ready to retire they already have a perfect replacement.

Many people will complain about this pick because of his flaws such as his throwing motion, not taking snaps under center and a host of others. If there is ever one coach who can make this work. He took Tom Brady in the 6th round and turned him into an outstanding qb. Just imagine what he could do with a celebrated college qb who was one of the best qbs in college. The offense the Patriots run is also perfect for Tebow because often Tom Brady does not take snaps from center. I believe the Pariots will select him in the first round and not regret it nor ever look back. He will be a steal at 22.

Next on the clock will be JCC with the Green Bay Packers.

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