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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #1 - The St. Louis Rams

With the first pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, Imp selects...

Ndamukong Suh - DT, Nebraska

Over the last decade, the Rams had a top ten defense once, including finishing with the twenty-ninth ranked defense last year. The Rams need serious help on defense. They have some pieces here and there set in place, including James Laurinaitis at middle linebacker, Oshiomogho Atogwe at free safety, and Chris Long at defensive end. However, they are going to need a lot more help to get that defensive rank up. That is why the Rams need Ndamukmong Suh.

"House of Spears" Suh simply dominated college football last year. As a defensive tackle, he was credited with eighty-five tackles. From that, he had twenty-four tackles for loss and twelve sacks in fourteen games last season. He single handedly almost caused the defeat of Texas in Big 12 Championship game, with a Nebraska school record of seven tackles for losses and four and a half sacks. Suh was a football player that did whatever he wanted to against opposing offenses.

Suh is also one of the best defensive prospects that came out in recent years. He has the size (6'4", 304 pounds). With the size, he still has quickness to get into the backfield, along with the strength and technique to get off of blockers. He can both play the run and be able to rush the quarterback well, somewhat of a rarity from defensive tackles today. He is a 1-15 team's dream prospect.

Which is why the Rams need to draft him. He is the playmaker that they need to help with improving the atrocious defense the Rams currently have. Suh will go a long way of help putting their defense back into elite rank that they haven't seen since The Greatest Show on Turf.
Next on the clock will be yomjoseki with the Detroit Lions.

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