Warren Moon criticizes the Eagles

Warren Moon said this about the Eagles, "I don't know why you would get rid of a quarterback who is in the prime of his career in Donovan and go with an unknown in a young quarterback like a Kevin Kolb or a Michael Vick," Moon said. "If they're going to make a deal with the Raiders, go ahead and make the deal. What are they waiting on? It seems the longer they wait, the worse deal they're going to get closer to the draft."

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The thing is, I actually agree with what Warren says in the second part of his quote when he asks why the Eagles are waiting for a deal with Mcnabb. It does seem that the Eagles could have gotten a lot for Mcnabb at the beginning of the offseason, but now that they have dragged this out so far, the prices keep dropping.

But the first part of the quote I totally disagree, "unknown in a young quarterback like a Kevin Kolb or a Michael Vick", disagree, many scouts and GMs believe that all of those QBs could start in the NFL. Kevin is not quite unproven, after all we know he can throw a bunch of yards and doesn't throw dirtballs like Mcnabb.