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Eagles trade Reggie Brown to Tampa Bay

The Eagles have traded out of favor WR Reggie Brown to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for what is reportedly a 6th round pick in 2011. Yes, a 2011 6th round pick. That's almost the same as just cutting him. I suppose it's commendable that they got something for him.

Brown was always a likely candidate to be to shipped out one way or the other with this uncapped year. The awful contract Reggie was awarded with after two promising years had become somewhat of an albatross around the Eagles neck. If there were a cap this year the Eagles would have taken a big hit against that cap by moving Brown now... but this offseason they can get rid of that contract without penalty.

It was never really clear what exactly went wrong with Reggie. His first few years with the Eagles were promising, but he never seem to take the proverbial "next step." Then, he just fell off a cliff. The trust in him probably started to evaporate in 07/08 when he caught a bad case of the dropsies an seemingly couldn't hold on to anything. In 08/09 he had some injuries early in training camp and never seemed to get himself back together. Last year, he was an absolute waste.

It's sad to say, but after being picked at the top of the second round in 2005 Reggie Brown is officially a bust. More than anything, what Reggie always seemed to lack and what probably ultimately led to his downfall was his lack of swagger. The lack of self confidence and entitlement to the ball that so many great WRs have. Even as he was being passed on the depth chart by the likes of Hank Baskett & Greg Lewis, as well Jason Avant, Kevin Curtis, DeSean Jackson, & Jeremy Maclin he never seemed really upset about it. He never seemed to fight for his position. Reggie is a nice, humble, & somewhat passive guy... and while I think that makes for a like-able person, it doesn't really make for a good NFL WR.

I do wish Reggie the best and hopefully he can hang on in Tampa Bay. Maybe being shipped for almost nothing puts a chip on his shoulder, which would be a good thing. He could use some attitude.

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