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Philadelphia Eagles sign Jason Avant to 5 year deal

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The question you hear on sports radio and in the local media is "What are the Eagles doing?! What is their plan?! Sign someone!!"

So we look to answer those questions, what does appear to be the Eagles plan? Well, so far one clear component of the plan has been to lock up their young talent. Both Leonard Weaver and Jason Avant were restricted free agents and could have returned on one year deals, but the Eagles clearly have made it a priority to lock up them long term. Today, Jason Avant agreed to a new 5 year deal. With DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, & Jason Avant all locked up long term the Eagles' WR corps is set.

It was a very thin free agent crop and the Eagles elected not to really get involved. Whether or not that's a strategy you agree with is a matter of opinion, but I think anyone would find it hard to criticize the team for locking up their good young players. If you add in the Celek extension from earlier last season, the Eagles have extended 3 of their good young players. In an offseason where fans are clamoring for something positive to feel good about, this is one.