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Weaver, Hobbs, Gaither, Jean-Gilles, and Rocca Join the Tender List

According to NFL reporter Adam Caplan, several RFA Eagles have just been offered tenders: Leonard Weaver (2nd round), Ellis Hobbs (1st round), Omar Gaither (low/5th round), Max Jean-Gilles (low/4th round) and Sav Rocca (low/no pick). Despite rumors that have been swirling about a long-term contract for Weaver, the Eagles have decided to go the tender route, at least for now. Weaver's agent, Harold Weaver, is quoted as saying that "the goal here is to try to make Leonard Weaver an Eagle for many, many years" and that "We're getting closer and closer to a long-term deal." How close they really are remains to be seen, but at least both sides want the same thing.

The first round tender on Ellis Hobbs is surprising, to say the least. Coming off of a serious neck injury, Hobbs wasn't expected to last a second year in Philadelphia. Looks like the Eagles value his kick return skills more than anyone thought.

The tender offers on Gaither, Jean-Gilles, and Rocca make sense. I'm not sure if any team would give up a pick for either Gaither or Jean-Gilles, but if they did, kudos to the Eagles FO for getting the most they could out of these two mediocre players.

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