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Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Free Agency Guide - Part 16: Punters

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The trading/free agent signing period starts when the clock strikes midnight tonight, so the Eagles front office will have to decide who they plan to pursue. In our final installment of the Offseason Free Agency Guide, we take a look at another position with potential major changes ahead: punters.

2009 was a shaky season for Eagles punter Sav Rocca, who ranked 26th in the NFL with an average of 42.4 yards per punt. As a result, many think that it may be time for Philadelphia to end the "Aussie Experiment" and part ways with the 36 year old punter. And what better time to do it? Rocca is a restricted free agent who, as of 7:00pm this evening, has not received a tender offer from the front office. The former Redskins prospect Durant Brooks has already signed with the Eagles, so it's clear that there will be competition at the punting position this training camp. Why not throw a veteran free agent into the mix as well? Here are a few options from a very thin market:

Hunter Smith (UFA): A Redskins veteran that could be on the way out, Smith possesses good control over his punts - something the Eagles special teams has been in need of. In addition to being younger than Rocca, Smith is also good for the occasional trick pass long as he's not completely left out to dry, that is.

Matt Turk (UFA): Although the three time Pro Bowl selection only managed a slightly better average than Rocca (42.8 yds) this season, Turk could still be a solid option for the Eagles. Even at 41, Turk still works well under pressure, can adjust well to bad snaps, and get rid of the ball quickly. He could be a decent and reliable stopgap for Bobby April to work with while the Eagles try to find a permanent solution at punter.

Other Available Free Agents:

  • Michael Koenen (RFA)
  • Sam Koch (RFA)
  • Daniel Sepulveda (RFA)
  • Jeff Feagles (UFA)
  • Jon Ryan (UFA)
  • Mitch Berger (UFA)
  • Chris Hanson (UFA)

For more information on unrestricted vs. restricted free agents in a potentially uncapped year, check out this great article over at Mocking The Draft.

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