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The Linc - Honeybuns hits the market

Ready, get set, spend - maybe | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/04/2010
"I'm not sure how the market will be," Roseman said. "It's usually the same every year. People try to read into the market, and usually a couple guys get signed right out of the gate and then a couple more guys in the next few days. And then there's a lull. And then there's this kind of middle market that reemerges in the middle of March when people reevaluate."

Vikings, Colts Might Already Be Out Of Play For Brian Westbrook - SB Nation
According to a report, Westbrook needs to "play and practice" on grass, not turf because of knee injuries sustained over the years. If this report is accurate, then you can rule out two possible suitors — the Colts and Vikings, who both play in domes.

Eagles holding tight grip on seldom-used Vick - NFL - Football
Don't look for Michael Vick to be among this year's unrestricted free agents. The Philadelphia Eagles not only aren't going to release him, they're willing to take him -- along with Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb -- into the season again as their quarterbacks. "They think he can still start in this league," one player personnel director said of Vick, "and they're not going to trade him just to get rid of him."

Browns' Fraley 'shocked' at release | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/04/2010
"I just wish they would have told me a few weeks ago," Fraley said. "But I guess I was no longer part of their plans. That's this business."

Tons of links today after the jump...  Most Memorable Trades
The Philadelphia Eagles have had some major success throughout the history of the franchise when it comes to trades. Some of the biggest names in Eagles history have donned the green as a result of a simple telephone transaction. Yet, not all trades have ended up in the Eagles' favor. It’s fair to say that when they get it right, they get it right, and when they screw it up, they really screw it up.

Former Philadelphia Eagles fullback Cecil Martin has found his calling | -
I had the pleasure of covering former Philadelphia Eagles fullback Cecil Martin at Phillipsburg High School on Monday night as he shared his knowledge and experience of the college recruiting process with the student-athletes in attendance.  Q&A with Eagles GM Howie Roseman
"We don't want to get into a situation where our evaluations are based on one game or one series," Roseman said. "I do an evaluation of everybody after four weeks, after eight weeks, then 12 weeks and after the season, and then you put it all together in the offseason. You try not to be too emotional about it. It's all part of the picture."

Browns' Fraley 'shocked' at release | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/04/2010
"I just wish they would have told me a few weeks ago," Fraley said. "But I guess I was no longer part of their plans. That's this business."

Stephen A. Smith: Michael Vick clueless again | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/04/2010
Clearly, Vick is trying to play ball. Who can blame him? I wouldn't want to play behind Kolb, either - assuming McNabb gets traded, which I doubt will happen. But when you're Michael Vick, you don't get to just spout on what you feel. Not now. Not for the rest of your career. Not after what Vick has done. Remember, there's still a strong need to ingratiate himself with the many patrons who walk their dogs on Sundays before paying their hard-earned money to see him play.

Olsen unhappy with hiring of Martz, wants a trade |
Peggy Kusinski of NBC Chicago reports that friends of Olsen say he was not happy about the hiring of Martz, and that he quietly sent his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, into "trade request" mode. According to Kusinski, the Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots may be interested.

The Durham News | An athlete and an advocate
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick made a surprise visit to New Horizons school in Durham last week, signing autographs and admonishing the students to stay out of trouble.

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