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DeSean Jackson is the latest Eagle to not really endorse McNabb

Last week, Brent Celek & LeSean McCoy were asked about the possibility of Donovan McNabb being traded and while both said they liked McNabb, they also more or less said they'd be happy to play with any of the QBs on the roster. Yesterday, DeSean Jackson basically said the same thing.

"It's hard not to deal with our quarterback situation," Jackson said. "But as a wide reciver, and the circumstances I'm at, I have a job to do, which is to go out there and work hard, and play football and catch footballs... no matter if it's [Kevin] Kolb, [Michael] Vick or [Donovan] McNabb throwing me the football. So I just hope everything works out for all their situations and I wish them the best.

"There's definitely curiosity going around but we have a lot of faith in our ownership and our coaches and everything like that so I feel they'll make the best move for our team. But whatever the situation is, I'm ready to roll with it."

To be fair, these guys are mostly just being diplomatic. They've been teammates with Kevin Kolb as long as they have with McNabb... but that's also just the point. McNabb's long time teammates like Brian Westbrook, Jon Runyan, Tra Thomas, & Brian Dawkins are all gone. I'd be willing to bet that those guys might not have been so noncommittal in their support of McNabb if they were still on the team and asked these questions.

Then again, maybe I'm just reading too far into it.

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