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Announcing: The BGN 2010 Mock Draft

Over the next month leading up to the NFL Draft on April 22nd, we here at Bleeding Green Nation will be hosting a one round, in-depth mock draft generated by you, our beloved posters. At the very least, it should be a great way to take everyone's mind off of the McNabb trade rumors. Plus, we might all just learn a little something about this year's draft class. So, without further ado, here are the guidelines:

  • The teams will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Reply to this article with your team of choice to get your assignment. Remember, the Seahawks and 49ers each have two picks, so there will be two different users covering those teams.
  • Since the draft is now only 23 days away, we will be focusing on two picks each day, a "morning" pick (12:01 a.m. to 11:49 a.m.) and an "evening" pick (12:01 p.m. to 11:49 p.m.).
  • Once all picks have been assigned, the user will have the given twelve hour period to write a short article about their draft choice and why the player would be a good fit for the team. All articles should be emailed to the address listed in my profile ( They will then be formatted and posted to the front page.
  • Standard fanpost etiquette applies. In other words, make it at least 75 words, legible, and sane (unless you happen to land the Raiders pick, in which case, go nuts).
  • The first selection deadline will be on April 1st, 11:49 a.m. If you need to submit your selection early because of work or school, go right ahead, but make sure everyone ahead of you has already made their selection.
  • Since this is only a one-round draft, trades are unfortunately not allowed.

UPDATE: All the slots are currently taken! Thanks to everyone who volunteered to participate. If you missed the deadline and would still like to be involved, just let me know and you can be an alternate in case a poster misses their deadline. Imp, you're up first!

Here is the list of pick assignments which will be updated regularly until all are filled:

Pick Team User
1 St. Louis Rams Imp
2 Detroit Lions yomjoseski
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers EaglesRock
4 Washington Redskins foos05
5 Kansas City Chiefs awd777
6 Seattle Seahawks soman319
7 Cleveland Browns isi_eagle
8 Oakland Raiders NJEagle
9 Buffalo Bills ando1213
10 Jacksonville Jaguars eaglemaniac814
11 Denver Broncos jaws1385
12 Miami Dolphins whodie126
13 San Francisco 49ers T-rade
14 Seattle Seahawks eagleswin
15 New York Giants FreeBradshaw
16 Tennessee Titans antoniak
17 San Francisco 49ers chrisbeomsuh
18 Pittsburgh Steelers DSmith215
19 Atlanta Falcons TheSportsWatcher
20 Houston Texans sports00fan00
21 Cincinnati Bengals You don't have to be sweet, to be good
22 New England Patriots The Charles
23 Green Bay Packers JCC
24 Philadelphia Eagles Joe_D
25 Baltimore Ravens andyreidswaistline
26 Arizona Cardinals DeSean10
27 Dallas Cowboys Bye, Dawk :(
28 San Diego Chargers IronHank
29 New York Jets Rabbit T
30 Minnesota Vikings RadioheadbeatlesEagles
31 Indianapolis Colts Udalango
32 New Orleans Saints justyn725

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