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Update on Donovan McNabb/Rams trade rumor

Yesterday, we were treated to a juicy, yet confusing rumor regarding discussions over a trade of Donovan McNabb to the St Louis Rams. The item referenced a well informed source who confirmed the the Rams "have had intense internal conversations with the Philadelphia Eagles about a trade for Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb."

I, of course, was confused by the wording.

The guy says the conversations have been "internal" while also saying they were with the Eagles. Not sure how the Rams can have internal conversations with the Eagles. It's an important distinction because one interpretation means the Eagles are actively talking trade while the other means the Rams are just discussing whether to make an offer...

So was everyone apparently, as the writer of the story called a local ESPN affiliate to clarify. MTC has the transcript.

"I hate to do this, but my copy desk screwed up my copy," Burwell said. "I did not say that the Philadelphia Eagles and the Rams were having intense conversations. What I wrote... and I just noticed it while I'm reading my column now and I went 'Holy crap. I didn't say that.' What I initially wrote was that the Rams were having intense internal conversations about acquiring Philadelphia Eagle Donovan McNabb. There's a difference between having intense internal conversations with the Eagles and having internal intense conversation."

Being that the Eagles weren't involved in any discussions, this isn't exactly big news...

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