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ESPN: Oakland Raiders the favorite to land Donovan McNabb

ESPN's Adam Schefter has a fresh story(whether it's based on fresh sources is unclear) in which he says the Oakland Raiders are widely considered the favorite to land Donovan McNabb.

The report seems based on a number of factors which, together, form the basis for a trade. First, the Raiders are reportedly the "most willing" to meet the Eagles asking price of a top pick. The speculation is that the pick would be the 39th overall selection in next month's draft.

Then there's money. The Raiders would reportedly be willing to trade for McNabb without an agreement on an extension. Sources have also told Schefter that the Raiders are not concerned about the $6.5 million roster bonus McNabb is due on May 3rd.

Then he has some kinda pointless reasons...

There also are connections between the Raiders and McNabb. Raiders owner Al Davis and McNabb each went to Syracuse, and Oakland's new offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson, is a distant cousin of McNabb's.

Let's not kid ourselves, the main reason the Raiders have to be considered the favorite to land McNabb is Al Davis. He's not going to play the games and engage in the posturing every other team would. If he wants McNabb, he'll likely do whatever it takes to get him... including overpaying. It's obvious that Davis is desperate to win as evidenced by his moves in recent years... Overpaying to keep his own free agents & overpaying for Richard Seymour. Landing McNabb will go much further toward actually making that team into a contender than any of his moves in previous years. Given what happened with Seymour last year, I wouldn't be shocked to learn that the #8 overall pick was in play here. Al is crazy.

Maybe that's why the Eagles scheduled a visit with Eric Berry? Just sayin...

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