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McNabb to Vikings rumor roundup

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Unlike the rumors about McNabb to Oakland, the latest rumblings about the Vikings have been more speculative than anything. No one has any reports of an offer or possible packages, instead many in the media are speculating that it makes sense. That's not to say there hasn't been some reporting done on the situation.

First, ESPN is saying that Donovan McNabb "has told his friends for weeks" that he wants to reunite with Vikings coach Brad Childress, his former offensive coordinator in Philadelphia. McNabb's agent, Fletcher Smith, refutes that report by the way saying no such discussions had ever taken place. The same ESPN report also said that the possibility of trading for McNabb was one of the reasons Vikings coach Brad Childress went to Mississippi a few weeks ago to visit with Brett Favre.

"Childress did not want to miss an opportunity to trade for McNabb while waiting for Favre to decide whether to come back," reported. "Childress said he asked for and got no assurances from Favre."

The thought is that while Brett Favre probably will return next year he likely won't do so until after training camp and that he'll always be a year to year proposition. McNabb, on the other hand, would pretty much guarantee the Vikings a top QB for the next 3 years at least. They would not have to endure the yearly offseason guessing game as to whether the 40 year old Favre wants to give it one more go.

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ESPN's Kevin Seifert had a few reasons why McNabb to Minny would be a good fit.

  1. McNabb's first NFL quarterbacks coach was current Vikings coach Brad Childress, who has never hid his admiration for McNabb's development into a perennial Pro Bowl player.
  2. McNabb's position coach at Syracuse, Kevin Rogers, is the Vikings' quarterbacks coach

I don't really think we need any convincing as to why McNabb would fit well in Minnesota. He already knows the staff, they run the same offense as the Eagles, and they're primed to win right now. The only question is whether Brett Favre wants to come back or whether the Vikings want to solidify the QB position for more than just one year.

Vikings fans are debating the possible move, but most seem so enamored with Favre(even considering how the season ended) that they'd prefer to stick with the old guy.