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Is there any way back for McNabb now?

Here's a few things that have not happened so far this offseason. Bill Polian has not told the media that he's entertaining offers for Peyton Manning. There have not been reports of an offer on the table for Tom Brady. Phillip Rivers is not on the last year of his deal with a team that has not offered to extend him. Drew Brees has not issued a statement saying he wants his team to resolve his situation quickly. ESPN has not done an entire day on whether the Giants should trade Eli Manning.

All of these things have happened to Donovan McNabb this offseason. It begs the question... Can he actually come back after this? After telling us that they're listening to offers for him and not signing him to an extension can the Eagles actually go into next year saying "We're happy with McNabb! Superbowl here we come!?"

I honestly can't see how. I can't see how McNabb could come back happy and how the Eagles could sell us on how they're happy to have him starting next year after all this. When you boil it down to the simple facts, it actually seems pretty obvious that he's gone.

He's going to be 34 years old on a team that's been shedding older players left & right. Despite the fact that he's said he would like an extension and to retire here, the team hasn't shown any apparent interest in giving him one. The team drafted a QB with a high pick just a few years ago... and now they're publicly saying they're listening to offers and plan on "evaluating" their situation. It's hard to find any indication that the Eagles even want him back. Are they going to let him test the open market next year? They sure aren't going to pay him $17 million for a franchise tag.

Am I missing something? There's nothing to indicate he'll be back. Andy Reid won't even commit to him as the QB next year. When asked if McNabb would be the Eagles starter Reid said, "Today he is our starting quarterback, yes."

Andy isn't stupid, he knows full well he could have said McNabb will be the starter next year and he didn

At this point, I don't think it's a matter of "if" he'll be traded. It's "when and where?"

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