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Yahoo Sports: Bills & Raiders inquired about McNabb

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Fresh news coming from Charles Robinson of Yahoo! sports regarding a possible McNabb trade.

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid said Wednesday the team is entertaining offers for Donovan McNabb, and multiple sources told Yahoo! Sports the Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders have inquired about the quarterback’s availability.

He also referenced a source with ties to Donovan McNabb that said he would prefer to go to a team ready to win now and likely wouldn't be open to signing an extension if dealt to the Raiders or Bills. If McNabb flat out refused to sign a new deal, that would likely hinder his chances of getting traded to one of those two teams. Unless they're stupid that is(which one is).

Robinson is also hearing that if a deal happens, it's going to happen soon.

With teams firming up their scouting reports and the Eagles needing to seize on quarterback-needy teams before franchises have a chance to add one in the draft, several executives said they believe Philadelphia will act in the next several days if it chooses to deal McNabb. Another source with knowledge of McNabb’s situation said he believes a deal is coming "sooner than later" and said he believed the window extended "less than seven days."

Interesting times these are.

[Update by JasonB, 03/24/10 4:56 PM EDT ] Sal Paolantonio was on 97.5 the Fanatic this afternoon and reported that he had confirmed that the Eagles and the St. Louis Rams have been in discussions about McNabb & Kolb over the past 48 hours. He said that sources had also confirmed to him that the Bills have also talked trade with the Eagles. He did say that he was not able to confirm that the Oakland Raiders have had contact with the Eagles about any of their QBs.