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Could Sheldon Brown be the next vet on his way out?

We mentioned this earlier today, but I felt this tidbit in Andy Reid's press conference at the NFC coaches' breakfast this morning was worth putting the magnifying glass on.

On Sheldon Brown’s situation:

The nice thing with Sheldon is he’s still under contract and been able to make a living. We’ll just take it from there. We’ll see what happens over time.

Have you gotten inquiries about Brown?:

We’ve gotten a few, yeah.

To be fair it doesn't necessarily sound like Reid wants to get rid of Sheldon, but it also doesn't sound like he's inclined to re-visit his contract at any point either. You'd have to think that if the Eagles traded McNabb, then all bets are off and they're pretty likely to go full on with the youth movement.

Still, corner is not a place where the Eagles have much depth. Barring a pretty high pick on a corner in this draft(even that would be risky), it wouldn't make a lot of sense for the Eagles to leave themselves so thin at corner.

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