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Bleeding Green Nation is Comcastic for another year

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So Comcast owns the SIxers, the Flyers, most of South Philadelphia, the biggest local sports network, NBC, & they just bought The700Level... Suffice to say, they're kind of a big deal in the city. So we here at BGN are happy to announce that they are back as sponsors for our site for another year. I had an opportunity to speak with some people there in recent weeks and they're big fans of the community here on BGN. It's pretty great that a company like this realizes the influence of this community. It's not just me, the contributions of everyone is makes this site great. By the way, we just had our 4 millionth unique visitor over the weekend.

We also happen to be big fans of the stuff they're offering Eagles fans. Here's just a taste of the stuff they'll be offering this year.

* Comcast's cable lineup, including NFL Network, will offer wall-to-wall draft coverage including a live broadcast of the draft

* NFL Network on Demand on Comcast will complement all the live draft coverage with profiles of the 100 top prospects available leading up to the draft

* Comcast's NFL programming will also include extensive training camp coverage, preseason game broadcasts and full coverage of Hall of Fame weekend

* During the regular season, NFL Network on Demand lets you re-watch every NFL game as soon as 24 hours following it's original airing

* The wildly successful and popular Red Zone will be back on Comcast for a second season

Every game on demand the next day? Who wants to do a weekly film review?

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