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The Linc - And Chan Gailey laughed...

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Buffalo looking for a QB | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/23/2010
Gailey was asked if he was approaching the near future as if there still might be a quarterback that isn't on his roster. "Oh, sure," said Gailey, who was hired by the Bills earlier this year. "Oh, yeah. Sure we are." Got any names? "Yeah, you want them?" Sure. Gailey laughed. Does one have the initials "DM?" Gailey laughed. Uncomfortable silence. - All-NFC East Team
PFF picks their 2009 all NFC East team.

Winston Justice: Eagles offer some Hope for Haiti | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/23/2010
Eagles right tackle Winston Justice writes about his recent visit to Haiti to help with the relief efforts at an orphanage.

Roseman: Eagles not done | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/23/2010
"During the off-season, every day I think something’s going to happen. I go into the office every day thinking that. But the process just isn’t that quick on anything. I think that at some point here in the next couple of weeks we’ll have some things going on."

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OT change you can believe in - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Only the Bills, Vikings, Ravens and Bengals voted against the changes to overtime rules.

The Basketts start over in Philly - Page 2 - ESPN
Kendra gives the official 411 on her post-Super Bowl tears

Quarterback market drying up on Michael Vick | Atlanta Falcons
In the ramp up to the 2010 NFL draft, several teams have made some very interesting moves at the quarterback position. None of the moves have involved Philadelphia’s Michael Vick, who appears relegated to being a third-string Wildcat quarterback for the Eagles again next season.