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The Linc - Shawn Andrews is done with Twitter

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To create real leverage, union should target fans of low-spending teams |
With most teams using the uncapped year to shed payroll, fans will be paying the same price for tickets to see much cheaper rosters.

Phil Sheridan: Eagles' purge says a lot about '09 season | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/21/2010
This Eagles off-season is the strangest of the Andy Reid era, not least because we've learned a lot more about what was wrong in 2009 than about what could be right in 2010.

Evaluating a Busy Week for the Birds |
Ray Didinger writes almost the exact same column as Sheridan's above.

Shawn Andrews done with Twitter | Philly | 03/21/2010
After changing his Twitter tag over the weekend, Shawn Andrews announced Saturday that he will no longer be using the social networking tool.

Eagles add speed by signing Tapp - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Scouts Inc likes the Eagles' trade for Darryl Tapp

The salary cap and the salary floor | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/21/2010
The first 3 weeks of uncapped free agency haven’t quite lived up to expectations for the players.