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Next on the cut list... Kevin Curtis

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The Philadelphia Eagles have announced yet another cut and it's WR Kevin Curtis. The only surprise about this one is that it took so long. With his big salary and minimum production the past two years, Curtis always seemed a likely candidate to be gone this offseason.

Curtis was scheduled to make about $5 million next year(that's his cap hit at least), which is a lot for a 30+ WR coming off two injury plagued seasons. does a good job summing Curtis' Eagles career.

Curtis' career in Philadelphia got off to a promising start, with 77 receptions for 1,110 yards in his first season in Philadelphia in 2007. However, sports hernia and knee injuries have limited Curtis to just 39 receptions the last two seasons.

That was a helluva first year...

Curtis' departure means only 3 of the WRs the Eagles finished last year with are still on the roster. And now for the obligatory Andy farewell...

"Kevin is one of the classiest players I have ever been around," said Eagles head coach Andy Reid. "He's the type of player and person we like to build our team with. We just feel good about the young corps of receivers we have on our team at this point."

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