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Eagles release Shawn Andrews

After missing the better part of two full seasons, the Eagles have decided to release former pro bowler Shawn Andrews. Andy Reid had this to say.

"We appreciate the efforts and contributions of Shawn while he was in Philadelphia," said head coach Andy Reid. "We have, however, decided to move in another direction."

Shawn Andrews responded on twitter...

Bye, Bye Birds........

ANDY REID!!! Respekt!!!!!!!

Andrews also responded to a local reporter saying "I knew it was a matter of time."

It always seemed like only a matter of time before the Eagles let Andrews go as there was still no indication that his back is anywhere near ready to allow him to play football again. There was some thought that maybe the Eagles would bring Andrews to camp for one last shot, but obviously they felt it wasn't worth it. The team can only carry 80 players on it's roster and at this point Andrews was just taking up space.

It really is too bad to see things end for Andrews this way. When he was healthy, there was arguably no better guard in football, plus he was one of the biggest and most like-able personalities on the team. To see his once promising career end so early like this due to injury is truly a shame. At this point, you'd have to assume that it's very unlikely that Shawn will ever play again.

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