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How did Chad Hall get out of the Air Force and into the NFL?

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In case you missed it, the Eagles signed HB/WR/KR Chad Hall who played his college football for Air Force. Actually,the story that led to the Eagles signing him is really fantastic and one that Dave Spadaro recounts in this must read story. It not only gives us a glimpse into the way the Eagles scouting department works, but also Hall's extraordinary path to the NFL.

I was actually a little more curious about the techinical/legal elements of the signing. After graduating from the Air Force Academy, Hall became a 2nd Lt. with the 388th Fighter Wing's 421st Aircraft Maintenance Unit at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. He spent two years there as part of what is supposed to be a five year commitment. So who was he able to sign with the Eagles if he still has 3 years left? He explains.

The post graduation Air Force commitment is typically five years, but Hall is asking the Air Force to allow him to transfer from an active-duty member of the force to a reservist. Hall has been at Hill since June 2008.

"The Air Force seems supportive of the whole thing," Hall said.

"Because I'm not quitting the Air Force, I'm just trying to become a reservist. Right now, the Air Force is the most important thing in my life."

I'll just assume that none of his reservist weekends will be scheduled during the NFL season... I think it's great that the USAF would allow him to pursue his dream and I'm sure he'll be a great ambassador for the armed forces. His request is not unprecedented. You may remember former Dallas Cowboy Chad Hennings, who also served in the Air Force before starting his NFL career. Hall said that he's spoken to Hennings throughout this process and that his advice has been helpful.

Oh and one more thing. His name is not actually Chad. His given name is Chandler. Yes, Chandler.

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