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Eagles sign Air Force WR Chad Hall

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The Eagles made a minor, yet interesting move today with the signing of WR Chad Hall. Hall hasn't played football for a couple years, but that's because he was fulfilling a 2 year commitment in United States Air Force. He was a second lieutenant at Hill Air Force Base in Salt Lake City. Before that however, he did have a very productive college career. From

He was the only player in the nation to lead his team in rushing yards (1,478), receiving yards (50/524) and all-purpose yards (2,683) in that 2007 season. He also scored 16 touchdowns as he broke the school records that year for rushing yards in a single game (275) and all-purpose yards in a single game (333). He finished as the school's all-time leader in all-purpose yards with 4,098.

Hall is likely a long shot to make the team next year, but if he did I'd be willing to bet he'd have a lot of fans. Not only has he served our country in the armed forces, he sounds like an all around good guy.

"I'm definitely excited to be an Eagle. It's a great offense to be in. I'm looking forward to learn it," Hall said. "I'm in better shape (than I was two years ago). Physically, I'm stronger. I weigh more and it's all good weight. I've been working out constantly for the last year and a half. It's not like I've been taking a break or anything.

"Besides the Air Force, which was my primary mission, after that my one goal, my one dream in life was to get back on the field and play in the NFL."

Hall actually played both RB & WR as well being Air Force's primary kick returner. In the NFL he'll focus on slot WR and will likely be in the mix to return kicks as well. Best of luck to him for sure.

Check out some highlights of Hall after the jump.

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