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Eagles sign Marlin Jackson after all

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Despite holding a press conference at the Eagles complex saying that he was leaving to visit the Jets, free agent CB Marlin Jackson ended up signing a two a year deal with the Eagles.

I suppose it's telling that the Eagles website refers to Jackson as a CB/S hybrid. It would certainly seem that they think he'll be competing for a safety job next season. To be fair though, Jackson played safety for several games one year because of injuries to Bob Sanders and other. He has primarily been a corner for Indy.

We've been over the positives and negatives with Jackson already. When healthy, he's a solid corner who has good size and plays physical. Problem is, he hasn't been healthy for the better part of two years. He's coming off his second season ending knee injury. He addressed his injury at a press conference earlier.

"I'm at four months in my ACL rehab," Jackson said. "I'm sprinting, running, back-pedaling, breaking, things like that so I'm ahead of schedule. I've been blessed so far with my rehab, it's gone very, very smooth. Like I said before, I'm ahead of schedule. I would be capable of doing what is needed to as a football player by mid-May, June. By training camp, wherever I am, I'll be ready to go full go."

Obviously we wish the guy best of luck, but I won't hold my breath for Jackson to be a healthy and impactful player next year. I'm fine with the Eagles taking a shot on Jackson, I just hope that they don't let it prevent them from drafting a future starter at the safety position. Jackson is an interesting gamble, but he doesn't cross safety off the list of needs.

Oh and like Michael Vick, Jackson was voted his teams' recipient of the Ed Block Courage award. So much "courage" on the team now!

[Update by JasonB, 03/10/10 3:09 PM EST ] Ross Tucker of Sports Illustrated has reported that Jackson told him he will play free safety.