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Which Eagles player was called "Queen" at the combine?

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If you're a real football geek, I'd recommend that you check out the Move the Sticks podcast which is hosted by former Ravens & Browns scout Daniel Jeremiah. Jeremiah gives some very interesting insights into what scouts look for in prospects at all positions. He also just has some interesting behind the scenes stories about the life of the NFL scout.

In a recent episode, Jeremiah discussed the ins and outs of the NFL scouting combine. One aspect he talked about was the weigh in. This is arguably the creepiest part of the combine where prospects walk into a room full of scouts, shirtless and get weighed and measured. Scouts take notes on the guy's physique & generally ogle his body... So Jeremiah said how he's often asked about who he thought showed off the best and worst physiques at the combine over the years. His two best were Greg Jones & Reggie Bush. His worst was pretty funny and has an Eagles connection

The one that stands out to me was King Dunlap, offensive lineman from Auburn who stepped up on the stage and he was a little bit fleshy in certain areas... to the point that when he stepped off the stage there was a lot of people referring to him as "Queen Dunlap" instead of "King Dunlap"

In other words,he had man boobs. The NFL scouting combine may be the only place in the world where a 6'8 monster stands half naked in front of a bunch old guys snickering at him... odd to say the least.

On a positive Eagles note, in a podcast he had on wide receivers Jeremiah said the best WR workout he'd ever seen in his career was DeSean Jackson's workout during his pro day at Cal.