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Oh yeah, the Superbowl is today

It recently dawned on me that I've barely even thought of the Superbowl the last couple weeks. Judging by a lot of the comments and fanposts, neither have a lot of you. There's a few things that have conspired to create our indifference to the biggest TV event of the year.

First, there's been Eagles stuff to talk about. As anyone who has read this site, posted on any message board, or listened to any local sports station knows... the "McNabb question" has had us fairly preoccupied.

Second, it's pretty boring run up to the big game. While the Colts and Saints are both really good teams who could make for a good superbowl, neither team is particularly interesting off the field. As we know, the off the field stuff is where the pre superbowl sizzle usually comes from. Both teams are led by fairly stoic and business-like quarterbacks. Peyton Manning flashes some personality in his billion commercials, but gives pretty standard answers in press conferences. Drew Brees can approach Andy Reid levels of boringness.

It's funny to think how fun these last two weeks may have been if the Vikings and Jets were the two teams who had advanced to the big game. Both are loaded with interesting characters and big personalities. Of course, neither of those teams are probably capable of putting on the show the Saints and Colts are capable of.

Finally, indifference to these type of events is in our nature as Philly sport fans. As far as passion for our local teams, this is hands down the best sports city in America. However, beyond our own teams... we never seem overly interested.

All that said, we only have about 12 hours of pre game shows before we actually get to watch this thing... So WHO YA GOT?

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