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Rams the favorites to land Vick?

We all know that report from earlier this week about the Eagles "definitely" keeping Michael Vick was nonsense. He wants to go start somewhere, and I'm pretty sure a good part of the reason the team signed him in the first place was to get something for him. The word is now that the St Louis Rams are the frontrunners for Vick.

According to the NFL Network's Jason La Canfora, the St. Louis Rams are the best bet. On Wednesday, La Canfora said that the Rams are "definitely" the front-runners to land Vick. Last week, La Canfora said that the other teams in the hunt for Vick include the Bills, Panthers, Raiders and Jaguars.

The question is whether teams wait and see if the Eagles cut Vick or if they try to trade for him. Rumors about Vick to the Rams have mostly stemmed from the fact that GM Bill Devaney was in Atlanta when Vick was there and the two supposedly have a good relationship. There's also a lot of familiarity between the coaches of the two teams(Pat Shurmur & Steve Spagnuolo are both former Eagles assistants) and the thought is that the Rams would trust what the Eagles say about Vick's progress.

Mike Vick has been a good guy in his time here and while I do think there's been an overly fanatical reaction to him by some... Is anyone really going to be sad to see him go?

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