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The Linc - Playgirl wants Michael Vick

No rest for Eagles pride at Olympics | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/22/2010
An Eagles fan talks about yelling "Go Eagles" at Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as they watched the US hockey team defeat Canada.

Terrell Owens & Donovan McNabb, friends again -
"I can honestly say I appreciate those years and Donovan and I are friends and, actually we were just hanging out last night as a matter of fact," Owens said. "So it was one of those things where — again — it started off well, it didn’t end well. Sometimes, I wish it could have ended on a positive note."

I Love the '00s: The Best, Worst, and Most Mediocre NFL Teams of the Decade - Field Gulls
Who was the NFL's "Team of the Decade?" Patriots? Colts? Steelers?

'Wells Fargo Center' Letters Arrive In Philadelphia - Broad Street Hockey
The Wachovia Center will be officially renamed the Wells Fargo Center sometime this summer.

Will Michael Vick pose for Playgirl? - Life and Style

Playgirl has offered to donate a million dollars to PETA if Michael Vick poses in their magazine. I'll bet a million that there's no way he does it. He'll make more than that just by being on the Eagles on March 5th.

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