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Philadelphia Airport security is doing a great job

I'd like to thank the men and women of the TSA for their continued vigilance in protecting our country.

A Cowboys fan is convinced she was unfairly targeted by airport security screeners at Philadelphia International Airport because of the Jason Witten jersey she was wearing.

Alyson Galen tells CBS in 3 in Dallas that she was pulled out of a security line last month and patted down before even getting to a metal detector.  A screener approached her after she was cleared.

"He walked up to me and said 'how's it feel to be a Cowboys fan in Philadelphia?' . . . I did tell him 'wow,'" Galen said.

I know that personally I get suspicious when I see these soulless bandwagon jumpers walking around Philadelphia... Of course, I usually just ask them what part of Dallas they're from. To this day I've never gotten an answer.

Seriously though, this woman wants an explanation and an apology from TSA officials... I don't know if she follows the news very much, but they're called "random screenings" for a reason. They can stop anyone at any time regardless of whether they're suspicious or not.

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