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The Linc - Jimmy Johnson wants you to "go long"

Jimmy Johnson would like to talk to you about male enhancement - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Former Dallas Cowboys coach and current Fox NFL analyst Jimmy Johnson has a new job: convincing you that you will forever be sexually inadequate unless you're wolfing down his preferred brand of "male enhancement" pills.

Rich Hofmann: Eagles about to face a familiar perception problem | Philadelphia Daily News | 02/17/2010
THE EAGLES-are-cheap conversation, which has always been based more on perception than reality, is about to be taken for another spin around the neighborhood. So get ready.

2010 Eagles Salaries | CSN Philly
No matter how great Brian Westbrook feels, the Eagles are not going to pay one of their greatest running backs in franchise history $7.25 million in 2010. Westbrook will be released when the league’s fiscal year begins on March 5. Sentimentality doesn’t buy much in the NFL, especially when you’re an over-30 running back.

Is Akers the best PK in the league? - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Our friends at Moving The Chains blog are in the midst of their annual season-in-review series. Sheil Kapadia begins his analysis by discussing David Akers' season. There's a reason the man was voted onto the All-Pro team.

Union claims supplemental revenue pool was shorted by more than $70 million |
As it turns out, the question of whether the NFL may pull the plug on the supplemental revenue sharing program has expanded into a more pointed question of whether the NFL has been properly implementing the device for redistributing a portion of the league's unshared revenues from the high-revenue teams to the low-revenue franchises.

Matt Jones Had Terrible Workout, Bengals Sign Him Anyway - SB Nation
The Bengals have become known for giving second chances to repeat offenders across the league. That's certainly the case with Matt Jones -- who signed with the club earlier this week -- but now the question becomes, why? Bengals sources told Yahoo! Sports that Jones had a terrible workout with the club.

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