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Scouts Inc evaluates Kevin Kolb

With the rumors of the Cleveland Browns' interest in Kevin Kolb making the rounds, ESPN's AFC North blog reached out to Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc for an evaluation of young Eagle QB.

"He’s been very impressive in limited snaps, going back to preseason. Although last year he got thrown into action when [Donovan] McNabb got benched against the Baltimore Ravens, and he looked horrible. But that was the worst-case scenario for the poor guy, too, to go into the second half against one of the best defenses in the league with no preparation. So you tend to wash that away. But since then Kolb has really stepped it up, and I am high on him. I think he can make every throw. He's a quick decision-maker, and he's a good enough athlete. Kolb has everything you want physically, and the ball comes out of his hand really nice. He has an awful lot of upside, almost like a Matt Schaub when he was in Atlanta or Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay [waiting] behind Brett Favre. Kolb just needs to get a crack at it. I kind of feel like he's the next guy to be breaking out, either with his present team or with a new team. Considering what some of the teams are starting in this league, I would start Kolb today, still being more of an unknown, over 10 or 12 starting quarterbacks for sure."

If you buy this scout's evaluation, Kolb doesn't sound like a guy you want to give up.

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