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The Linc - Could the Eagles draft a LB with their first pick?

Michael Vick could be jolt of energy to desperate franchises - Clifton Brown - NFL - Sporting News
At least five teams have need of a veteran quarterback. With Vick likely on the market, here's a look at how he might fine with those offenses. - Draft Winds
I'm going to use this post to respond to a common response I received in regards to my post-Super Bowl mock draft. "The Eagles will never draft a linebacker in the first round."

Limbaugh talks McNabb, ESPN | Philly | 02/14/2010
Back in October of 2003, Rush Limbaugh resigned from ESPN after an uproar over comments he made about Donovan McNabb. As you probably remember, Limbaugh said the media overrated McNabb because they wanted to see a black quarterback succeed. More than six years later, he's bringing up the incident once again.

Helmet tests create more concussion controversy |
As if the NFL hadn't already generated enough controversy regarding the manner in which the concussion problem has been handled, the league has created even more concern via an ongoing helmet testing program. Peter Keating of ESPN The Magazine details the criticism, which has caused one manufacturer -- Xenith -- to withdraw from the program.

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