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Westbrook "not sure" if he'll back with Eagles

In the same interview that Brian Westbrook declared that he was "100 percent sure" that he wouldn't retire, he admitted that he wasn't quite as sure he'd be back with the Eagles in 2010.

I’m not sure. That’s one of those things that really is up to them," Westbrook told Rather. "I’m under contract another year, and I would love to be in Philadelphia. There’s no other team that I would love to play for more than the Philadelphia Eagles. But it’s a situation where in the NFL, younger, cheaper is better for teams. It’s one of those things. It’s part of the business. I experienced it when I was younger, and I experience a different aspect now. You have to try and find out, for the team, what’s better for them."

Brian Westbrook is owed a lot of money next year, over seven million in fact. Coming off a year where he produced next to nothing, it's going to be a tough decision whether to keep the talented, yet injury prone Westbrook around. Plus, running backs don't typically fade away... their production falls off a cliff.

As little as Westbrook did last year, it's worth nothing that in the 08/09 season he scored 14 touchdowns. That was even more than his huge 2006 and 2007 seasons. So, it may be foolish to write #36 off just yet.

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