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The Linc - "Completely 100 percent false"

Kolb contract extension? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/12/2010
A team source said the report is "completely 100 percent false." A league source also labeled the report as "erroneous."

The status of Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb may be the most compelling story of the NFL offseason - ESPN
Will the Eagles trade Donovan McNabb? With apologies to the Brett Favre retirement watch, this is the most compelling story of the 2010 NFL offseason.

Stephen A. Smith: Where's the love for No. 5? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/11/2010
As we scroll through the Eagles' history, one excruciating season after another, there is a common thread at the end of every campaign: A loss in a divisional playoff game. Losses in three consecutive NFC championship games. A loss in Super Bowl XXXIX. A loss in another divisional playoff game. Another conference-title game loss. A loss in the wild-card round. And nearly all of them came with Donovan McNabb at the helm.

Bob Ford: A power shift in Eagles' hierarchy? | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/12/2010
As the Eagles' organization digs out from the depressing avalanche that buried it on consecutive weekends in Texas to end the 2009 season, there are growing indications that a true sea change is taking place at One NovaCare Way.

I get the feeling Bill Polian will not want to bring Hank Baskett back next year - Stampede Blue
Bill Polian talks about the reasons why the Colts lost Super Bowl 44.

Viking fans get FavreWatch '10 started with a billboard - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Lord knows Brett Favre has enough different factors to consider when deciding whether or not he'd like to come back for another year with the Vikings. There's his age, his health, his love of the game, his family, his relationship with the coach, his chances of getting back to the Super Bowl, his inability to throw the football to a player wearing the same-colored jersey in the most important moments. And now? He's also got to factor in the ability of Viking fans to engage in clever wordplay based on his name! How do you say no to that?

Trent Cole takes up MMA training |
An increasing number of NFL players have turned over the past few years to the field of Mixed Martial Arts to prepare for the grind of the football season. One of the latest guys to adopt the training regimen is Eagles defensive end Trent Cole. He recently told that he will be working with FOX's Jay Glazer.

P.M. Cleveland Browns links: Talk persists that Kevin Kolb is another Eagles QB that interests Browns | Starting Blocks -
While much of the talk about any Cleveland Browns quarterback quest has focused on the Philadelphia Eagles' Donovan McNabb, his backup, Kevin Kolb, remains in the discussion.

Michael Vick could be jolt of energy to desperate franchises - Clifton Brown - NFL - Sporting News
At least five teams have need of a veteran quarterback. With Vick likely on the market, here's a look at how he might fine with those offenses.

Haitian children meet Eagles at NovaCare | Philadelphia Daily News | 02/12/2010
The children were flown to the United States, along with doctors and parents, by Eagles owners Jeffrey and Christina Lurie. The Eagles got involved through team anesthesiologist Jack Cohen, who was among a group of doctors who flew to Haiti to provide aid following last month's earthquake. The group was organized by anesthesiologist Mike Gollotto, of Medford, N.J., and his wife, Dr. Katie Gollotto.

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