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Report: Eagles looking to lock up Kevin Kolb

WIP's Gary Cobb is reporting that the Eagles have made a contract offer to QB Kevin Kolb. Like Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick, Kolb is also entering the final year of his deal and after investing a second round pick in him it's understandable that the Eagles wouldn't want to see him walk before ever really getting a shot to show whether he can be a starting QB or not.

Of course, this reports does raise a few questions most notably about what it means for Donovan McNabb. There's two obvious scenarios.

1. The Eagles look to lock up Kolb now and trade Donovan McNabb this offseason. The Eagles are in a strong negotiating position with Kolb and could get him signed to a much more reasonable deal now than they would if he happened to start next year and have a strong first half of the season. At that point, he'd be a somewhat proven young QB a half season away from unrestricted free agency and the Eagles would have to back up the Brinks truck to keep him.

2. The "one more shot" scenario. The last thing the Eagles would want to do is go into the year with both of their top QBs in the final year of their deal. So, they could sign Kolb now with the promise that he's the starter in 2011 and go into 2010 with McNabb having one last shot.

Frankly, scenario #2 doesn't make much sense. I really don't see the sense in essentially resigning themselves to losing McNabb for nothing. Teams just don't let good QBs walk for nothing. If they don't extend McNabb this offseason, they have to try and get the best deal they can for him. If indeed they do extend Kolb, I think it will be a strong sign that McNabb could be on the outs.

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