Torn ACL Success Stories

On my previous fan post, Top 5 Current Brightest Spots on the Team, there were some people disagreeing with my decision to add Stewart Bradley as a bright spot, particularly MacJack09(Don't mean to call you out like that bro). I was going to post this as a comment but decided this was too important and everyone needed to know this. This was one of MacJack's comments....

That whole BS "He’s 100% healthy", it doesn’t happen. I mean if someone can provide me with a laundry list of players who have come back "100%" after an ACL tear, then I’ll stand corrected.

Well....after some extensive research, here is my list of ten of those players.

1. RB Jamal Lewis: Torn ACL in 2001. Bounced back in 2002 to rush for 1327 yards with a 4.3 avg. Then in 2003 rushed for 2066 yards with a 5.3 avg.

2. WR Jerry Rice: Torn ACL in 1997. Returned in 1998 and had 82 receptions for 1157 yards at 34 years old. Had two more 1100+ yard seasons in 2001 and 2002.

3. ILB Nick Barnett: Torn ACL in 2008. Came back in 2009 and racked up 105 tackles, 4 sacks, and 7 passes defended.

4. QB Tom Brady: Torn ACL in 2008. Returned in 2009 and passed for 4398 yards with a 65.7 comp pct and 7.8 avg.

5. SS Roman Harper: Torn ACL rookie year in 2006. Rebounded following year in 2007 with 90 tackles, 4 sacks, 8 passes defended and 3 INT. Just recently had 102 tackles in 2009.

6. RB Edgerrin James: Torn ACL in 2001. Following year in 2002, rushed for 989 in 14 games. In 2003, rushed for 1289 yards, then had back to back 1500+ yard seasons in '04 and '05.

7. WR Braylon Edwards: Torn ACL rookie year in 2005. Solid year in 2006 with 61 catches and 884 yards. Pro bowler in 2007 with 80 catches for 1289 yards.

8. RB Willis Mcgahee: Torn ACL in the bowl game before being drafted. Missed entire rookie season in 2003 and bounced back next season with 1128 yards rushing with a 4.0 ypc.

9. RB Frank Gore: Tore his left ACL in 2001 while in college. Rehabbed all of 2002, returned in 2003 only to tear his right ACL. Returned following year after switching jersey numbers and rushed for 1000+ yards in his last college year. In his rookie year in 2005, as a part timer, rushed for 608 yards with a 4.8 ypc. Following year in 2006, rushed for 1695 yards with a 5.4 ypc.

10. QB Donovan Mcnabb: Torn ACL in Week 11 of 2006 season. Returned following season and in 14 games passed for 3324 yards, 61.5 comp. pct and 7.0 avg.

*Honorable Mention: RB Correll Buckhalter: Two torn ACLs in his career. Recently rushed for 642 yards with a 5.4 average in 7 starts with Denver.

So guys.....don't worry about Stu. It is not impossible to return to form just one year from a torn ACL.

Can't wait to see more of that next season!