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Joe Banner addresses Eagles QB situation without saying anything

In his "From the President's Desk" feature on, Eagles president Joe Banner "addressed" the Eagles QB situation. Note that I put "addressed" in quotes much like I do with an Asante Samuel's "tackle."

"It’s a priority to figure out exactly the best way to handle the situation. Andy’s comments have been clear about his evaluation and Andy is the final decision-maker here. As far as do we trade any of the quarterbacks, keep all three quarterbacks, what do we do with their contact status each going into last year of their deals, the uncertainty about the collective bargaining agreement going forward, those are also parts of the decision. There’s different levels of complexity about the decision. We’ll have to sit down and figure it out."

So I guess that ends the debate right?!

In reality, I don't think Joe actually said anything there beyond restating the question. He ruled out nothing, but also committed to nothing. Of course, it's not like he was ever going to reveal the Eagles' offseason plans... Frankly. I have a feeling that they've made more decisions than he's letting on.

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