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Giants Vs Redskins/ Sunday NFL Open Thread

This is the week where the playoff picture really starts to get clearer. For Eagles fans the big game is in New York New Jersey. Donovan McNabb leads the Redskins against the Giants. If the Giants lose this game, not only will it be tough for them to win the division, they will likely fall behind the top wildcard teams.

The other big game in the NFC is Falcons at Bucs. Tampa could really blow the whole NFC playoff picture wide open today. With a win, they could very well put the NFC South on track to have both of the wildcard berths. With a loss, they're likely out of the playoffs and Atlanta should cruise to a #1 seed.

The NFC North playoff contenders have an easy go of it this week. Bears go on the road against the Lions and their 3rd string QB while the Packers host the 49ers.

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