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Eagles Win Over Texans Game Balls

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The Eagles got themselves a win yesterday, which means today we hand out some balls.. game balls.

Michael Vick - Another great game #7. 302 yards passing, 48 yards rushing, and three total TDs (2 passing, 1 rushing). It was Vick's third 300 yard passing game of the season and fifth game with a QB rating over 100. More than anything though, you have to love how he rallied the team when after they surrendered the lead in the 3rd quarter.

"When you get down and you know you should be winning the game by more points than what you have, then instinctively you just step up as a leader. That's my job. My job is to rally, motivate, to push these guys as hard as I can just as much as I've pushed myself. So with that said, you just got to not put yourself in that position and not make this game harder than what this is."

LeSean McCoy - 130 yards from scrimmage and two TDs. He killed the Texans on screens last night. I would like to have seen him be allowed to run the ball some more... but it was still a big game for the kid. LeSean talked about getting to the point where he knows he can make guys miss in the open field.

"It's a natural feeling. You see a guy and you know what you are going to do. You are just trying to get past them. All I need now is that extra burst to get me to that end zone."

Jason Peters - Amazingly, this guy has gotten leaps and bounds better after he was injured this season. Prior to the knee injury he was way up and down... but since then he's been the Eagles best offensive lineman by far. He talked about what it's like to block for a guy like Michael Vick.

"We just have to keep blocking and keep moving our feet. There were a couple of times tonight that I wondered why the guy kept rushing, but I guess Mike still had the ball."

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