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The Linc - Trent Cole & Quintin Mikell Lead List Of Pro Bowl Snubs

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Probing the 2011 Pro Bowl: A 10-pack of serious snubs |
PFF says that Trent Cole and Quintin Mikell are two of the top five pro bowl snubs.

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Taking a look at overrated NFC East players in the pro bowl.

Sluggish Eagles stunned by Vikings at the Linc
DeSean Jackson and the Eagles could never find a rhythm on either side of the ball in Tuesday night's stunning 24-14 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. By Reuben Frank

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ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth explains how Mike Shanahan thought he could change McNabb and Haynesworth.

Brett Favre Fined $50000 For Not Cooperating In Jenn Sterger Investigation - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
We've all heard the story by now... A former Jets employee named Jenn Sterger claimed that Brett Favre made sexual advances to her which involved him sending pics of his junk to her cell phone.

The League Panelists: Eagles, Saints favorites in wide open NFC playoffs - Jason Brewer
The Eagles have proven no lead is safe against them while the Saints showed Monday night they are capable of beating anyone anywhere. Both teams have a great shot to make a Super Bowl run.

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What stories dominated the year in the NFL in 2010? From the league's ever-growing popularity and everyone's favorite team, to the possibility of a lockout and concussions, let's run down the biggest news of the NFL year.

Who's NFL MVP? The Players Decide -- NFL FanHouse
If it was up to the players, it seems like Michael Vick is the clear NFL MVP.