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What Eagles are deserving of Pro Bowl bids?

The NFL Pro Bowl rosters will be announced at 7 p.m. ET Tuesday, Dec. 28 on a special "NFL Total Access 2011 Pro Bowl Selection Show" on NFL Network.  This year, there are more than just a handful of Eagles players that are deserving of a trip to Honolulu.  Let's take a look at the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles that could get an invite:

I see 5 locks (75% or greater chance, in my opinion):

1) Michael Vick - He's the clear MVP of the NFC, and was the leading vote getter for the Pro Bowl up until about a week or 2 ago, when he was passed by Tom Brady.  Vick has been THE story of the NFL this season.  No debate here at all.  Likelihood - 100%

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2) Asante Samuel - He leads the NFL in interceptions with 7 (he led the league in interceptions last year with 9), and is a regular Pro Bowl selection.  He's a lock.  Likelihood - 99.9%.

3) Jason Peters - He started off the season little shaky, but since he came back from minor knee surgery, he's been simply outstanding.  He's another Pro Bowl regular that should have no trouble getting in yet again.  Look at what he did to poor Igor Olshansky during the Eagles 4-minute drive a few weeks ago against the Cowboys (below).  Likelihood - 90%.

4) David Akers - Another Pro Bowl regular, who was 86% on his FG attempts this season.  His only meaningful competition this year are dome guys Matt Bryant (Falcons) and Jay Feely (Cardinals).  One of the plays of the season in my opinion was Akers' picture-perfect onsides kick against the Giants.  Likelihood - 80%.

5) Trent Cole - He won't be helped by the fan vote, but the players and coaches know exactly how good Trent Cole is.  Likelihood - 75%.


The next tier (40-74%):

6) DeSean Jackson - Last year he made it as both a wide receiver and punt returner, and although he's had similar production to last year, he faces stiffer competition from the likes of Devin Hester (as a returner) and WR's Roddy White, Greg Jennings, Calvin Johnson, and Hakeem Nicks.  Kind of crazy to think he won't make it, but he's no lock this year.  I think Nicks might have to wait another year.  Likelihood - 65%.

7) LeSean McCoy - 1,036 rushing yards, 5.3 yards per carry, 74 receptions, and has done all the little things that go unnoticed in Pro Bowl voting (ie. pass protection).  His jump from 2009 to 2010 was meteoric, and he's absolutely deserving of a Pro Bowl nod, but there are some bigger names lurking (Adrian Peterson, Michael Turner, Steven Jackson) that also had good seasons. Likelihood - 60%.

8) Todd Herremans - Will Herremans finally get that recognition he deserves?  With the Eagles playing in so many prime time games this season, I think he's gotten some notice.  Guard is one of those positions that guys seem to just get re-voted in every year, but a couple 2009 Pro Bowl guards are undeserving this season.  Leonard Davis was putrid in 2010, and Davin Joseph missed 4 games to injury.  I think Herrdogg finally breaks through.  Likelihood - 50%.

9) Quintin Mikell - Mikell is quietly having a very good year, certainly better than his season in 2009.  He made the Pro Bowl in 2009 because safety was a weak position in the NFC.  Well, it still is, and Mikell has been better.  Likelihood - 40%.


Jeremy Maclin - 64 catches, 890 yards, 10 TD's.  Great season, but it's not enough to get him in.  He'll need a bunch of guys to drop out.  Likelihood - 1% (without the help of guys dropping out).

Mike Patterson - Very quietly having perhaps his best season, but without any overly impressive stats he really doesn't have much of a shot at all. Likelihood - 1%.

Sav Rocca - Had arguably his best season this year, but there are better punters in the NFC.  Likelihood - <1%.

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