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The Linc - Snowed In

How Much Did NBC Have To Do With Game Being Postponed Til Tuesday? - SB Nation Philly
The Eagles will be in a tough spot with a short week to prepare for Dallas. How much of the postponement was done to satisfy the TV networks?

Eagles vent about postponed game on Twitter
If it was up to the Eagles’ players, the game would have been played as scheduled.

The Wimps Who Stole Christmas | Philly | 12/26/2010
It was the day after Christmas... but ok.

NFL Playoff Picture: Eagles, Chiefs And Jets Clinch - SB Nation Philly
A look at the NFL playoff picture as we conclude week 16 of the NFL season

VIDEO: Ed Reed's Jacket Catches Fire On The Sideline - From Our Editors -
There's no other way to put this: Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed sat too close to a sideline heater, and his enormous puffy jacket got a little too warm.

Anyone care to see Chris Cooley completely embarrass himself?
This would be TD was one of four passes he dropped yesterday.

Around the NFC East

Would The Redskins Have Won This Game If Donovan McNabb Started At QB? - Half Smokes - SB Nation DC
Last week we saw Sexy Rexy, but the Redskins lost the game. Observers ranted and raved about how the offense looked more crisp under the new starting quarterback, and how Rex Grossman could make a strong case ot be the starter in 2011. This week? Not so much. Grossman went 19/39 for 182 yards, a TD pass and a pick. If that stat line looks familiar to you, there's probably a reason. It's because it looks very 2010 Donovan McNabb like.

Packers 45, Giants 17: Another Implosion By Giants - Big Blue View
Ugly. Pathetic. Disgusting. Awful. Embarrassing. Shameful. Humiliating. Mortifying. Bewildering. Disturbing. Pick any adjective with a negative connotation. They are all appropriate. After watching the New York Giants put on a pitiful performance in a 45-17 loss to Green Bay I am as embarrassed as I have been as a Giants fan since, oh, since ... last week.

Cardinals Play Grinch, Spoil Cowboys Christmas 27-26 - Blogging The Boys
The Dallas Cowboys blow a game to the Arizona Cardinals, and damage Jason Garrett's chances at the 2011 head coaching position.

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