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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Snow Game Memories

Me "enjoying" Eagles vs 49ers after last year's blizzard.
Me "enjoying" Eagles vs 49ers after last year's blizzard.

If Hurricane Schwartz is to be believed, tonight's Eagles game looks as though it could be played in blizzard conditions. By game time, we could very well have over a foot or two of snow on the ground. Thanks for flexing it NBC!

The last time we had a major snowstorm in the area was last year, right about this time. How do I remember? I had tickets to the December 20th Eagles vs 49ers game. The start time of the game was actually moved from 1 to 4pm to facilitate snow removal in the stadium and the surrounding area. Of course a later game means a colder game. I had bought the tickets back in August when single game seats went on sale and what looked like a nice pre-Christmas day game was now a post blizzard night game. Needless to say, it was freezing. So we got off the subway and had to trek across the still snow covered parking lot all the way over to Linc. By the time we were there, the slush had pretty soaked through my shoes and multiple pairs of socks. To top it all off, my seats were at the very top of the stadium in the open corner, where the wind blows straight through... By the time halftime rolled around, I can honestly say that I've never been colder in my life.  I was so desperate to find some way to warm my feet, I went to the nearby merch stand in hopes of buying dry socks. All they had left were little women's ankle socks, which were good enough for me at that point. I also bought a few of those handwarmers that heat up when you mash them together and stuck them in my shoes. That all helped.

The second half was not particularly exciting. The Eagles had built a 17 point lead at the half, so the game was never really in doubt and they kind of went into cruise control. The 49ers are more or less never a fun team to watch, but when my brother and I get to a game we pretty much never leave early. So we stuck it out and absolutely froze through a second half where there wasn't even much to to get up and jump around about. The most exciting thing in the stadium were all the snowball fights. Moral of the story is, you can never dress warm enough to a game like this.

On the bright side, we stopped at a Houlihans on route 38 on the way home and none other than Jeremiah Trotter rolled in with his family for a post game meal.

The big difference between that game and today's game was that storm had ended before last year's game. If the forecasts are right, this one will still be raging. That should be much more concerning for the Eagles than the Vikings. The Eagles are clearly a better team than Minnesota and any adverse weather can act as an equalizer. If you're the better team, you want the best field condition because all things equal talent should win out. Either way though, watching football in the snow is fun... especially if you're at home.

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