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The Linc - Is Jeremy Maclin The "Anti DeSean?"

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We've been talking about this Maclin vs Jackson discussion most of the season and it appears that on the same day a few guys in the local media decided to weigh in...

Maclin, the anti-DeSean, racking up big numbers
Jeremy Maclin often gets overlooked playing alongside the outspoken DeSean Jackson, but the second-year receiver's numbers speak for themselves. By Reuben Frank

John Smallwood: Maclin quietly enjoying big season for Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/24/2010
JEREMY MACLIN isn't the type of receiver who feels an obsessive compulsion to draw attention to himself. He's not going to perform an excessive celebration after a touchdown. He's not going to talk about himself in the third person. He's not going to label himself as dynamic or display the "Diva Routine" that has become the identity of many top receivers in today's NFL. Maclin just goes out each week and does his job for the Philadelphia Eagles. And quietly, almost under the radar, Maclin has been pretty damn good at it.

Hard work reaps reward in Miracle for Gaither
Omar Gaither's perseverance led to him turning in a key contribution during the Eagles' biggest play of the season. By Reuben Frank

NFL Players Think NFC East Fans Are Most Knowledgeable - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
Sports Illustrated surveyed 227 NFL players in their most recent issue asking which NFL city has the most knowledgeable fans.

Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles deserves Coach of the Year honors - ESPN
I'm leaning toward selecting Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles. Reid rolled the dice more than any coach we've witnessed in years by trading Donovan McNabb and resurrecting the career of Michael Vick. His coaching ability has produced the best stable of marketable and functional quarterbacks in recent memory.

Tuck miffed about Strahan's comment - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, now with FOX, said Giants players should be "ashamed of themselves" following their fourth-quarter collapse against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Strahan's good pal and former teammate, Justin Tuck, took exception to Strahan's comment Thursday while talking to reporters. Tuck first established that Strahan will always by "my guy." Then he pretty much went off on him:

Showtime Inside the NFL
Meet the funny, opinionated, homegrown football experts taking the web by storm. Inside the NFL’s Susannah Collins covers the phenomenon and profiles the hosts of Philadelphia's Mole and Meares Show.

Bowl with the Birds 2010
Video of several Eagles and Phillies pitcher Ryan Madson attended a charity bowling event sponsored by Nuss construction.

D.C. Sports Bog - Jurgensen: McNabb didn't practice 100 percent
"He wasn't performing, and at practice, he'd never practice hard, and I think that had some bearing on it also," Jurgensen said. "Because Shanahan's a stickler for practice, working hard in practice so that you carry that over into the game. And he never could get him to go 100 percent in practice, and that's what he wanted. You talk to people in Philadelphia, and they say why didn't you see this coming, why are you surprised. Because the Eagles had seen it, and they traded him within the division. And so why are the people in Washington surprised?"

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