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Eagles Vs Vikings: Kurt Coleman Is The Next Man Up

This season, it seems as though the Eagles have suffered one injury after the other. But each time, the next guy steps in and so far they've continued to win. Jamar Chaney, Dimitri Patterson, Antonio Dixon, King Dunlap, and even Michael Vick have been asked to step up when the starter went down. Last week, the Eagles lost rookie Nate Allen for the year. This week they'll turn to another rookie, Kurt Coleman. He talked this week about his opportunity to start.

"As far as mentally, you have to prepare the same. You have to do all the film study and everything. As far as the field work and preparation, you get a lot more reps. I think those are crucial going into the game especially if you know you're going to start, you know what you're going to see instead of being thrown out there and it's kind of all foreign."

On whether it's a concern that the team doesn't know who's going to start at quarterback for the Vikings:

"No. I mean, they're both good [quarterbacks]. They're there for a reason. We have to be able to play our game, bottom line. If we can't execute what we do, whatever they try to throw out there, it's just not going to matter."

On how Vick has pulled this team together:

"It's amazing. He has definitely brought this team so much closer than what it already was. We believe in each other, we believe in him, we believe in this offense and we believe in everything that the coaches have done for us. I think it has really given us a lot of momentum and a lot of confidence in each and every game."

On whether he's surprised by how the rookies have impacted the team this season:

"I don't think I'm surprised. Just talking with the guys, everybody is confident. You can tell from day one when we came into training camp, everyone was ready to play and wanted to play. It's all about if you're ready to play mentally and I think we've done a great job at just getting ready mentally. The coaches have done a great job of getting us prepared. As far as skill-wise, I knew we could do it."

On whether he has any experience with coming off of a great win and then being forced to put it behind him in light of the next game:

"I felt like we've been doing that this whole year especially when we came off the Monday night game [against the Redskins] and scored [59 points]. That was a high then, but we had to get ready for the next week. It's almost every week it's a challenge to get up because every game matters and it counts. You can't really lull one week and then have a great week the next. You have to be consistent."

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