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NFC Obituary - Dead After Week 15 (and the hierarchy of the NFC)

Bye Bucs
Bye Bucs

Newly Dead


My hat is off to the Buccaneers.  They stayed in this race far, far, faaaar longer than I ever would have thought, but in the end this just isn't a very good team... yet.  After beginning the season 7-3, they lost 3 of their last 4.  At the beginning of that slide, they suffered 2 losses at the hands of the Ravens and the Falcons, and both of those games went down to the wire.  But in the last 2 games, they narrowly escaped overtime against the hapless Redskins, who couldn't kick an extra point, and lost at home to the Lions, who haven't won on the road since 1982.  The Bucs need to win out (not happening), and even then they'll need help.

Cheers, Rahim Morris.  You've got yourself a nice young team there with room to grow.

Previously dead and buried




It's only a matter of time before you start seeing people writing that the playoff format needs to change.  I personally thought the playoff format was perfect as is, but when the soon to be 12-4 or 11-5 Saints are going to have to play the 7-9 Rams or Seahawks on the road, it'll be really hard to defend it.

The playoffs have officially begun in Lambeau


Admirable performance Sunday night vs the Patriots.  Unfortunately, "admirable" isn't worth shite. It's still a loss, and now the Packers find themselves in what is essentially a playoff game this weekend at home against the Giants.  It's still unclear whether or not Aaron Rodgers will be a go, although I'd be shocked if he sat this one out.

Opponent Record
Past week - At Patriots - Loss  
Giants (9-5)
Bears (10-4)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (19-9)


How will they respond?


The Giants have been the punching bag of anyone that covers the NFL over the past 2 days, and rightfully so.  For 52 minutes they played great football.  And then they played 8 minutes of some of the worst football I've ever seen.  However, if they win this week at Green Bay, they're in the dance.  They lose, they may very well be in the midst of a Mets-like collapse.

Opponent Record
Past week - Eagles - Loss  
At Packers (8-6)
At Redskins (5-9)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (13-15)


Joe Webb is not Tom Brady


Let's be honest. They dominated the Vikings Monday night.  Granted, they should have dominated the Vikings on Monday night, but they got the job done.  This team can't really be the #2 seed though, can they?  Well, if they beat the Jets at home and then go on the road and take care of business against the Packers, they'll have earned it.

Opponent Record
Past week - Vikings - Loss  
Jets (10-4)
At Packers (8-6)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (18-10)




Lost a great game vs the Ravens on Sunday.  No matter - they're all but locked into the #5 seed anyway.

Opponent Record
Past week - At Ravens - Loss  
At Falcons (12-2)
Buccaneers (8-6)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (20-8)


Great mix of youth, speed, and playmakers galore... You can now add "heart" to that mix

We all saw it.  Really nothing to add.

Opponent Record
Past week - At Giants - Win  
Vikings (5-9)
Cowboys (5-9)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (10-18)


#1 seed wrapped up



The road to the Super Bowl in the NFC goes through Atlanta.

Opponent Record
Past week - At Seahawks - Loss  
Saints (10-4)
At Panthers (2-12)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (12-16)

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