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Bears vs Vikings Open Thread

As the table below shows, tonight's game has many leatherbound books and its apartment smells of rich mahogany.  Yes, it's a big deal.  The current playoff projections:

Seed Team Div/wildcard Record  
1 Falcons NFC South Champ (12-2) *First round bye
2 Eagles NFC East Champ (10-4) *First round bye
3 Bears NFC North Champ (9-4)  
4 Seahawks/Rams NFC West Champ (6-8)  
5 Saints Wildcard #1 (10-4)  
6 Giants Wildcard #2 (9-5)


Apparently, Brett Favre is starting tonight, so ESPN's pregame coverage will be unwatchable, but the much bigger story is that Adrian Peterson is inactive.  I'll almost feel a little greedy by avidly rooting for the Vikings tonight since so very many things have gone right in Philly sports this week. 

The Bears have emerged as a team that I've come to loathe this year for reasons I'm not sure I totally understand.  I guess I was annoyed by their field that wasn't fit for a high school game, or the fact that they've had the nerve to complain about the field at the University of Minnesota, which is kind of like a pedophile complaining about the conditions in prison.  But that shouldn't be a big reason to hate this team, and yet I do.  Am I alone here?  Whatever the case, we should all be rooting hard for the Vikes this evening.

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