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Eagles Vs Giants Week 15 Game Balls

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It was one of the great Eagles wins of all time that's still being talked about on ESPN and sports radio around the country... Yet there really aren't that many candidates for game balls. Not that there were a lot of guys who played well, but there were some performances that were so superlative they just basically give themselves a game ball.

Michael Vick - This couldn't be easier. Vick completely took over the game at about the 8 minute mark. Seriously, he took the game over. He accounted for 4 TDs, rushed for 130 yards, threw for 242... and amazingly you would have to say he was subpar for 3 quarters. 90 of his rushing yards came late in the fourth. He just decided at some point he wasn't going to allow the Eagles to lose and he didn't. I'm not sure there's another player in the NFL that's capable of imposing their will on a game the way he did yesterday.

DeSean Jackson - Jackson caught 3 passes for 52 yards in this game. For 59 minutes and 46 seconds he was not a factor in this game. Then Matt Dodge kicked a line drive right at him with :14 left and you know what happened next.

Honorable mentions - There wasn't much good about the Eagles defense, but the run defense did it's job like it has virtually all year. The Giants run game has been dominating over the past few weeks, but was basically shut down by the Eagles. That played a big part in the Giants inability to close this game out. Because they couldn't run the ball, they couldn't grind out the clock and stem the tide of the Eagles comeback.  Another honorable mention to Jason Peters, who has played superbly since his injury earlier this season. When was the last time you heard his number called by a ref? He's completely stopped the penalties. Even better, he completely shut down Osi Umenyoria yesterday.

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